Tastemaker decline FAQ

On Bliiink, we have two tastemaker categories:

  1. Bloggers, Radio Dj's, Curators

  2. Social media influencers on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

There are three options to accept or decline a request.

  1. Accept and share

  2. Like it, but could be better

  3. Not for me

Tastemakers in the first category can use either option to decline requests.

  1. Like it, but could be better

  2. Not for me

With the first option to decline, tastemakers are expected to leave feedback and would also receive 1 bliiink credit from the platform.

However, with the second option, nothing is paid out to them.

Tastemakers in the Second category can only use one option to decline.

Social media influencers have to guarantee shares, and they can only use the second option for declines.

2. Not for Me

In some cases, the artists always retains their credits to use in future or for other purposes on the platform.

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