How to add a Collaborator on your Song

Song Level Collaboration

If you have songs on your release with multiple primary artists, you can list those collaborators by clicking the "My Teams" button found in the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of your profile image.

Click the 'Add Team' button to add a new team member. You can use your song title as the team name.

Once created, click on your song title under the 'Team Name' to add your collaborator's email to invite them to sign up on Bliiink.

The status update appears under the 'Team Request' column.

Once the request is accepted, it will appear under My Collaboration.

Now go to My Songs on the top left-hand corner of your home page and click on the edit button underneath 'Actions' of the song you wish to add a collaborator. Scroll down to 'Add Collaborator', and select from the list of your added collaborators.

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