Bliiink is a music accelerator and curated streaming platform. It serves as a launchpad for artists to grow a fanbase, revenue, and exposure. With complete transparency every step of the way using the latest technologies, artists are empowered to share their music, gain new fans and earn. Influencers get paid to share music. And, fans receive rewards for their engagement.

Bliiink Members

Artists: Artists earn from music streamed & can connect with tastemakers to gain new fans.

Influencers: Influencers monetise their following sharing music they love.

Music Lovers: Music lovers stream music and are rewarded for their support & engagement.

Patrons: Patrons are involved with decision making and earn from doing so.


Get Your Music Heard By Millions Of New Listeners.

The music industry is very competitive with the thousands of songs released on established music platforms daily. So the chance of you achieving success and worldwide exposure is limited.

However, on Bliiink, we spotlight and promote your music. We also help you collaborate with top blogs, playlist curators, and influencers to gain new fans. To get the exposure you deserve, join Bliiink because we make it happen.


Get paid to guide the Music industry by doing what you love.

You have strived tirelessly to build a trusted reputation and influence in the music industry. Now, with Bliiink, you receive due recognition and help guide the future and receive monetary rewards for your effort.

You give feedback and share the music you love with your engaged listeners.

Music Lovers/Fans

Receive Rewards for your engagement and support

Fans are an integral part of the music industry, contributing financially, creatively, and promotionally. Without them, the industry would not thrive. It is crucial to give something back to show appreciation. On Bliiink, we have made it possible for fans to receive rewards for doing what they love, listening to music.

Bliiink Patrons

Bliiink Dao is open to content creators (artists and tastemakers), crypto enthusiasts & fans

Anyone can become a member of the Bliiink Dao and participate as a Patron to take part in collective decision-making and earn from the growth and future development of the platform.

Getting Started

Becoming a part of a music community that is truly on your side is just one step away. Get started by creating an account. Once logged in, you can edit your profile as you wish. Just click on the top right-hand button. If you think you have what it takes to influence people's music listening habits, apply to become a music tastemaker on Bliiink. Otherwise, enjoy discovering and connecting to new artists.

Discover & Connect

Jump right in and start discovering new music. We have featured and weekly top track columns which are decided by the community. To ensure a fair system we have a new releases column. In the Browse music tab, we have classified music into genres and moods to make it easy to discover new artists and songs. Like ❤️ your favourite songs to save them to your library. You also have the option to save artists to your library. Or simply create playlists.

Vote for your favourite song/songs to push them up the rankings. If you like what you are listening to, be sure to subscribe. Subscription payments go directly into the artist's payment pool and further development of the platform. Only paid subscription fans can choose their favorite artists to support. Thereby directing a portion of their subscription directly to the artist. Also, paying fans get entered into weekly draws and other promotional events.

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