How to accept an artist's request

Log into your tastemaker's account on Bliiink.

Click on the Requests tab on the left-hand corner of the screen.

New requests appear in this section.

Here you see the song title and expiry date to accept or decline the request.

Click into the songs section to view the request.

Press the play button and listen for at least 30 seconds. Then choose to accept or decline the request. Please leave feedback, and submit.

Once a song is accepted, it will move from New to Accepted/In-progress.

Click into the songs section to submit your link.

When you share the link, the status will move to the completed tab.

Now you wait for the artist to view the link and accept the job completion.

Once the artist approves the submission, it will appear under the approved tab.

And, if declined it will appear under the declined tab.

Tastemaker/Influencer note:

We'd be thrilled if you introduced artists to Bliiink because it's a win-win for all. With Bliiink, you can multiply your revenue by scaling up the number of artists you work with and optimizing your workflow by managing submissions from one app. In addition, we are constantly on the lookout for new artists by ourselves with our own marketing efforts. We don't preselect tastemakers for artists submission or limit artists submissions to you on the platform, so you'll compete on equal terms with your platform.

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