Music Streaming Royalties

Up to 4600% More Compared to Pay-Per Stream Model

One of the core functions of Bliiink is to provide equitable remuneration for creators. We have created a robust system to effectively monetize fan subscriptions so artists can earn more than presently possible on other streaming platforms. It also allows independent artists to receive substantial and fair remuneration compared to their major-label counterparts. It's not just about the streaming count as seen on other platforms, where the artist with the highest stream count takes most of the prize in the pool. Once you have your loyal supporters on board, you will earn the most from them.

Our model allows Fans to support you with part of their subscription on the platform going directly to you. Since other non-fans can discover and stream your music, we believe it's only fair you earn from them too. As a result, you can receive up to 70% of the subscription fees on Bliiink.

Comparison Table

Artist Invite fans to Bliiink Invite fans to Bliiink as premium subscribers using your referral link to increase your earnings. Getting premium subscribers to Bliiink means you will get more fans supporting you, which means a portion of the subscription paid goes directly to you.

What's a referral link?

Referral links are a link to with a special code on the end that makes your link unique.

You can find your referral link by going to your profile image on the top right-hand corner of the screen and selecting the referral from the drop-down menu. GET STARTED WITH THESE SIMPLE STEPS

  • Copy and share your direct referral links in an email, text message or on social media.

  • Once fans complete a subscription you earn a portion of the fees.

  • You can monitor the progress in the referral section.

Artists/Creators retain 100% ownership of copyrights.

Royalty issue on my account?

If you find an error, please contact and provide details on the error as well as the email address under which your account is registered.

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