How to create an influencer campaign

How to create an influencer campaign?

Steps to submit your music to blogs, curators, and influencers on Bliiink. Log into your artist's account on Bliiink.

Click on the My Songs tab on the left-hand corner of the screen.

The promote button is under the Song List section, immediately next to the release date.

Click the promote button, and you'll have a variety of tastemakers to select from.

There are filters available to simplify your search for relevant tastemakers.

Search using influencer names, genres, or influencers sharing medium.

Next, proceed to select an influencer or add several to your campaign.

Click on the influencers' profile picture to view influencer information, including statistics.

Select the required medium or several, and click add.

If you do not have enough credits in your account to launch the campaign, go to your wallet and purchase credits to proceed.

In the case you have sufficient credits click add, and view your order.

Check to make sure you are happy with your selection, then click the launch campaign button to activate the campaign.

To view campaign status, visit the home page, and click on the campaigns button on the left-hand side of the screen.

Select each individual campaign to find out the status.

If the campaign status displays as pending, click into the section again.

If the campaign status displays as in progress, the task is yet to be completed by the influencer.

Here you can verify the links shared by the influencer.

If everything has been completed to your satisfaction, leave feedback and drop a star rating.

Then click the accept button.

If not, click decline. Support will get involved to try and resolve the problem.

How to share unreleased songs.


You will be notified by our system if your song has been accepted or declined by a tastemaker. To follow the progress click on the campaign tab on the left-hand section of the screen. Please pay close attention to the messages here, and respond as required. Once you submit a song, the associated credits are held until the tastemaker selected completes the task. You will receive the credits back into your account in the case of the tastemaker failing to fulfill the task or the time limit elapses.

Artists get charged one credit for each rejection with feedback from bloggers. However, artists get a full refund from social media influencers.

Remember to reshare your content with your audience so they can come to see you grow and support you on Bliiink.

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